The Onward Store
The Onward Store

Established in 1913, the Onward Store was opened as a Historic Country Store, with restaurant, recognized in May 2007 National Periodical “Esquire”. Most famous is the recognition as the home of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Teddy Bear hunt.

The grocery store located on legendary Highway 61 has been a staple of the community while owners came and went during the years. Current owner, Mollie VanDevender, has transformed the Onward Store into a historical landmark through her effort to reshape the establishment into a unique attraction. Maintaining the integrity of the store and restaurant, Onward now offers selections by Mississippi artists, exceptional culinary cuisine, and a well rounded selection of convenient store items. Even the vintage gasoline pumps have been restored offering ethanol as well as non-ethanol to meet your needs.

Come visit us for an experience that will take you back in time, with an updated feel.


A passionate wildlife enthusiast and former Miss Mississippi, Mollie Magee VanDevender purchased the Onward Store as an opportunity to preserve this important historical landmark. Continuing the legacy of the most famous hunt in America, Mollie wants to provide a refuge for hunters, visitors and locals to experience the hospitality of the great state of Mississippi.


Click here to read “Moving Onward” from the Twin County Electric Power Association.

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