Accepting a Failed Marriage: Your Escape Route


Marriage can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It is a life-changing event that usually signals happiness and contentment with the person you chose to be with for the rest of your existence. Unfortunately, not every marriage turns out that way. There will be a few people who, when given a chance, would like to take back their decision. Whether it is because of abuse or simply falling out of love, divorce can be a challenging thing to pursue. A person will have to live in a world that criticizes divorced people, especially those with kids. Some remain stuck in an unhappy situation, making their lives unnecessarily miserable. You might have tried to save the marriage multiple times but to no avail. Sadly, the only thing you can do is accept that you are in a failed marriage. It will be challenging, but you must go through with it to regain control of your happiness. Here are a few steps to take when dealing with a divorce.

Discussing Separation

Unfortunately, getting a divorce can be tricky because it requires a mutual agreement. Both sides agreed to get married and live life together. If one is hesitant with the decision, it can be challenging to get a divorce. However, you can find ways to ensure it happens, especially when you have concrete evidence of abuse or inequality.

It is necessary to discuss divorce with your partner, most likely in the presence of a family lawyer. The attorney serves as a mediator, ensuring that both sides will get fair compensation based on their efforts to keep the family together. Unfortunately, it can still be a messy separation. Married couples invest in plenty of wealth and assets over the years. There will be heated arguments over who gets what, even leading to delays in finalizing the divorce papers. However, the discussion is necessary to moving forward with life, ensuring the separation will not have ties.

Finalizing Custody Plans


Unfortunately, married couples with children will always remain linked. Both sides are still responsible for raising their kids, even if they are no longer together. As a result, child custody becomes an entirely separate discussion in the divorce. One side must provide shelter and care, while the other party must maintain child support. It can be a disastrous situation, especially for kids who want to keep their families together. They might even be the reason why married couples choose to stay together despite being miserable.

Like the separation of wealth and assets, child custody can be a sensitive and excruciating process. Both sides might want to attain full custody, even preventing their partner from seeing them. The process might lead to court dates, letting a judge decide the best situation for the children. If it leads to that scenario, getting separate lawyers will be necessary. Child custody will be excruciating because you will involve your child in the divorce. However, separation already does that, and both sides should focus on making the blow less impactful and traumatic for the kids instead.

Making the Separation Official

Finalizing the divorce papers can be a victorious moment. However, all it does is overturn the marriage. Nearly everything in your life ties directly to your married life. Your living situation, household items, assets, daily routines, and other stuff will be challenging to detach, especially when your marriage lasts for decades. Packing your stuff and moving out will be heartbreaking. Removing your ties from your in-laws could also be stressful if you have a good relationship with them. Some of your friends might have to choose sides. It could mean losing a few reliable people in life, but that is the sacrifice you must make to move forward.

Divorce can affect your life after marriage as well. It will take a lot of time and effort to adjust to the divorced life. You might even require help because the changes are overwhelming, making it necessary to seek therapy. Readjusting your life after a failed marriage will be challenging because the first few months and years will make you realize you can no longer rely on your ex-spouse. Fortunately, you can gather a support group. Your family and friends might be enough, but you can even bury yourself in your career if you have caring colleagues. Those people can help you recover from your failed marriage, even if it takes time to heal.

There is nothing wrong with getting a divorce. After all, nearly one of two marriages end in separation. It might take you a while to accept the fact that you are in a failed marriage, especially when you have plenty of desperate attempts to save it. The divorce process will still be arduous, but these steps can help make it efficient.

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