Boosting Your Search Ranking Through Proven Website Upgrades

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You must up your game to maintain and increase your place in search engine rankings, especially when e-commerce businesses mushroom all over the internet. Going to a company’s web page is a way for customers to know which services are available without the hassle of dropping by establishments or talking through the phone. Convenience is one of the factors that help ventures gain customers these days; when your processes are too complicated, clients won’t bother to spare you another glance.

Having an official website does more than make your enterprise look credible in the eyes of your market. It also serves as a medium to help you maintain communication with them when reaching out via your physical stores and other platforms become too challenging — e.g., the pandemic. To ensure that your website can help you keep working towards your goals, here are some upgrades and maintenance you need to remember:

Optimize Loading Time

The average person stays on a website within ten to twenty seconds, and if they spend that little time waiting for your page to load, chances are they opt to press the back button instead.

The saying “time is money” will always be relevant to a business no matter which angle you look at it. With less traffic on your site, your chances of making a sale are fewer. You need to restructure your codes, discard heavy images, and compress your files to improve loading time.

Publish Frequently

People always look for fresh content unless it’s not available. When you upload relevant and timely articles, you provide essential information to help readers with their current queries.

Since you’ll be publishing content that caters to present times, website visitors will naturally click on your site and scroll through your page to find the passage that will give them the info they need. With this, you can increase your search rankings and eventually enhance overall business.


Sharpen Your Images

When you look at things online, besides the words in an article, you also pay attention to images. Crisp images are vital to websites, especially if you promote items that showcase intricate details.

However, you can’t always upload the best quality photos since it can take up too much storage and compromise your site’s speed. Instead, you can find the perfect pixel that displays the imperative features of your products and upload them at a much lower memory size.

Easy To Navigate Features

As mentioned above, convenience will win you brownie points, and besides loading speed, easy-to-navigate features can make a visitor stay longer. Being creative with your layout means you still have to abide by what’s generally visually pleasing instead of opting for chaotic designs. You also must put essential information in the place your customers can easily spot.

For instance, if you’re offering oral health care, specifically dental implant services, you should put vital info such as pricing for your customers to see. Moreover, displaying your contact details, address, and FAQ sheet (frequently asked questions) will make your business more accessible to your clients.

SEO Optimized Content

Keywords help people look for the information they’re looking for online. Given the boundless knowledge the world wide web contains, people need to use specific words to narrow down the results significantly.

You boost your rankings by being the exact website an online user is searching for when you use relevant keywords in your content. Still, you must use keywords sparingly since they may come across as spam and ruin your entire content.

Alt Tags as Crumb Trails

Most people like to do image searches before reading about a particular topic. The images you see in search engines don’t look like they can help keep you apart from other sites, but they can help you tremendously once used correctly.

When you publish any post, you’d have to translate them into codes to make sure they’d follow the finished layout you’ve picked; during this phase, you must name your images’ alt tags with keywords that you predict clients might use in their searches. You can use your photos to draw more visitors to your page with proper naming.

Optimize Overall User Experience

Even on your website, customers still come first. Remember, your priority is to increase traffic and make visitors stay longer than several seconds to achieve your ultimate goal of boosting your rankings. To enhance your user experience, you can also have an enabled voice search option.

Although most use their keyboards to look for a particular subject, some prefer pressing the microphone button and voicing their queries. Maintenance is also a way of optimizing the user experience. You can keep using hyperlinks to lead visitors to your other content by fixing broken links.

A website is an extension of your business. When you keep your page in excellent condition and regularly publish updates, you can further promote your brand.

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