How Communication and Engagement With Customers Get You Further

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So you’ve done a great job of spreading awareness for your brand. You have a successful website, and you’re present on social media platforms. However, how long do you think your customers are engaged by what you offer?

Once you’ve successfully gotten people’s attention, you should know that it’s only the beginning. If you think getting customers for the first time is already tricky, wait until you try to keep them around.

Once you earn their trust and interest, you want to carry on engaging with them, so they’ll keep waiting for what’s next from your brand. Your customers might not come back to you on the same day or even month, but when you want to retain them by making them think of you the next time, they need the kind of product or service you offer.

Keeping Track of Social Media Feedback

We all know that social media has been a helpful and powerful means of communication. As for the world of business and marketing, it has become a powerful means of feedback, providing real-time insights and opinions of your and your competitors’ customers about the products and services they experience. Many people would voice out their reactions and insights about different brands on social media. Almost half the time, they voice complaints and expect short notice responses.

When this happens, this is your chance to answer their questions and bring back some light to them. Even before this happens or before you launch your brand or your new product, it’s part of marketing to expect this kind of struggle. This means you must’ve planned this ahead of time. Also, if something unexpected happens, you should be able to handle it well with your team.

Of course, when you monitor people’s feedback about your brand, you should be able to give solutions to their problems. If you don’t plan to provide them with responses, then there’s no point in monitoring their insights either, let alone offering them your service in the first place.

Engaging Consistent Communication With Your Customers

Responding to posts, comments, and tweets will show high-quality customer service. This shows that you care and you’re actually listening to what your customers are trying to say to you. With this, you also show your followers that you are open to criticism, you’re willing to improve, and provide a better service for them.

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If you’ve successfully solved the problem and fulfilled your frustrated customer’s demands, other people will witness this as well, and by the chance of it, you can even get more social media following. This then can lead to more brand awareness.

Obviously, you can’t just communicate to your followers when there’s an issue or a new product you’re going to launch soon. Showing up only when you’re about to sell or promote something new isn’t bad at all. It won’t build a weak image for you, although it won’t help you create much of a positive one as well.

One strategy you can do is publish more interactive posts and use one type of media. You can organize a social media video live for your followers and customers to discuss your brand more and how it’s going so far. With this, you can let them ask questions about their concerns or issues as well.

As you do this, you should be updated with your customers’ behavior as well. Fifty-seven percent of your customers will follow your brand to be updated with new products or services, and about 47 percent will want to stay and keep updated.

Create inspiring and engaging blog posts on your website more often that are not totally related to your brand, making it sound like you are promoting a product. Doing this regularly gives you higher chances of attracting more customers and making existing ones stay. With technology rising every year, you can create content way easier than before. Software with a request-for-proposal feature will help you update your content and be more organized on any aspects of your brand.

Be Careful Not to Make Yourself Look Desperate

Then again, when you do consistently communicate with your customers about your brand, don’t bombard them with emails, ads, and notifications because this would make you seem overeager and desperate, which, understandably, they wouldn’t appreciate.

When you approach your customers online, you want to be thoughtful and send messages that apply to your brand and your customers themselves. Personalize your interactions with them so you wouldn’t come across as ignorant and just want to be noticed. You want to send them messages that they will value.

As to any other aspect of life, open and effective communication is vital for building and maintaining rapport with anyone. Keeping customers interested in your brand is a matter of working smarter than you did when you first got their attention.

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