How Do Digital Marketing Jobs Help E-commerce Businesses?

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E-commerce is now one of the largest industries in the United States. According to one source, there are almost 8 million e-commerce businesses in the world and over 2.1 million of these businesses are located in the United States.

With such fierce competition, it’s no wonder that many e-commerce businesses shutter relatively quickly. Some experts say that as many 80 percent of e-commerce businesses close because of competition or other issues. Many e-commerce businesses are also run by only a handful of people.

If you’re running your own e-commerce business, explore the benefits of digital marketing.

But why are digital marketing jobs crucial to the prosperity of ecommerce enterprises? Today learn how jobs in Google analytics and search engine optimization specialists can ensure the future of your ecommerce business.

How are Digital Marketing Jobs Crucial to E-commerce?

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Digital marketing jobs can enhance your e-commerce business’s sales. | Photo by Lukas from Pexels

You can explore many marketing approaches to improve your e-commerce business’s profit margins and customer base. Digital marketing careers are now no longer an option but a necessity if you want to give your enterprise a boost.

Their cost-effectiveness and relative simplicity compared to traditional marketing channels like television commercials make them the primary option for small and microbusinesses.

Here are some of the most important benefits partnering with a digital marketing agency can give you.

  • Enhances Social Media Reach

Many young professionals are discovering lucrative opportunities with jobs as social media managers. These positions are often overlooked as superfluous, but they are actually the cornerstone of any modern business.

According to sales experts, over 55 percent of consumers have made purchases over social media platforms. This means enhancing your company’s presence on social media is vital to the survival of any company. Social media manager careers can help increase your followers which in turn can lead to heightened sales.

  • Improves Conversion

Conversion rates are the gold standard for any e-commerce site’s marketing strategies. No matter how flashy your company’s website is or how great your marketing efforts may seem, if your conversion rates are down the drain, they’re not really doing much.

With the help of digital marketing professionals, your e-commerce website can end up in the top 10 percent of landing pages. These pages enjoy huge conversion rates. For comparison, the average page convers 2.35 percent of visitors. Pages in the top 10 can convert 11.45% of visitors. This represents an enormous increase in sales.

  • Boosts Search Rankings

Appearing at the top of search engine pages is one of the most important jobs in digital marketing. A digital marketing internship can be concerned only with helping improve your business’s odds in appearing at the first page. This is because most people don’t bother scrolling past the first two pages of results from a search engine. Appearing at the top of the results page results in your business garnering the most traffic.

  • Increases Site Traffic

Increased site traffic is one of the most basic metrics in an SEO scorecard. This number just represents how many people go to your website and stay for an appreciable time. To an e-commerce owner, site traffic is crucial because the higher the traffic, the more chances that these people are converted into customers.

If only 2 percent of 200 visitors are converted into customers, that boils down to 4 new clients. But 2 percent of 2,000 can be a serious improvement. Digital marketing jobs can funnel thousands, even tens of thousands, of online users to your website with the right strategy.

  • Heightens Website Appeal

Finally, careers in Google analytics can reveal what sort of functions and designs make for more appealing websites. They may reveal the best ways to ensure customers not only engage with your website but that they keep coming back. Web designers are important employees and vital to your ecommerce business’s success.

Which Digital Marketing Jobs are Crucial?

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A digital marketing internship can lead to promising careers. | Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

There are dozens of careers a digital marketing internship can lead to, and almost all of them are essential to the success of any long-term strategy. When your e-commerce business is considering partnering with a digital marketing provider, it’s important that you understand what these professionals contribute to your potential strategies.

Here are some of the most common types of digital marketing jobs you may encounter when working with these businesses.

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search engine optimization specialists are people who are in charge of keeping updated with the latest changes in search engine algorithms. This knowledge helps teams determine what is the best course of action to ensure your e-commerce site ends up at the top of the search engine results page.

No two strategies are the same and these specialists understand the requirements of each client. They are also responsible for analyzing the results of various tests and analyses. An SEO scorecard can reveal which facets of their site are open to more improvement.

  • Social Media Specialist

As previously discussed, social media manager careers are important for propagating a great presence in various social media platforms. However, in terms of digital marketing careers, a social media specialist delves deeper into the behind the scenes.

Aside from curating the perfect images and texts to posts, a social media specialist also determines which times do users interact the most with your posts. They are also invaluable in tweaking various social media strategies, looking for the best hashtags to use and coming up with the right words to use when making posts. With how dependent modern users and businesses are on social media, these are among the most sought-after digital marketing jobs.

  • Website Analytics Specialists

Websites are very complicated endeavors, and they yield tons of information. In the hands of a trained professional, the information gleaned from your website is invaluable in determining future marketing efforts.

Although Google analytics professionals are more concerned in crafting plans from external marketing plans such as your paid ads or video marketing, website analytics is focused on using information from your site itself.

What are your traffic statistics like? How long do visitors stay on your website? How many people immediately leave the site after clicking on it? An excellent web analytics professional can fashion a great strategy after these questions.

  • Content Writers

Working mostly behind the scenes, content writers provide plenty of support for any digital marketing strategy.

Content writers can work on curating things that appear onsite and offsite. These digital marketing careers are in charge of rewriting the words on your website. They also help produce numerous blog posts that prop up your website’s links, ensuring that your ecommerce site has plenty of backlinks to keep it healthy.

  • Web Designers

No matter how slick your social media campaigns or how well-written your content is, all your digital marketing efforts aren’t going to be effective if you don’t have excellent web designers. These professionals check on the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of your website. As an ecommerce business owner, your website is basically your digital storefront, and they are in charge of ensuring people like what they see.

Digital marketing jobs and e-commerce businesses are intertwined inextricably. Understanding how SEO specialists and web designers can contribute to your business’s continued prosperity can help you make informed decisions that can secure your future.

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