Keeping Your Hotel Venture Afloat During the Pandemic

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Because of the pandemic, hotel establishments find it challenging to attract existing and potential customers. Today, the world is running slow, and the impact on the hotel industry might stay longer than owners anticipated. While other hotels are struggling, other establishments found ways to adapt and attract guests amidst the pandemic.

Below are some ideas that will inspire you to develop ways to minimize the impact of the pandemic on your business.

Informing Guests About Health Protocols

Local officials expect your establishment to follow the implemented health protocols, but guests will want to know you’re doing more to keep them safe. Inform your guests of the hotel’s health protocols that can keep them safe during their stay. It can include adapting contactless check-ins, cleaning the front desk, and extra in-room cleaning. You can put these pieces of information on your hotel’s website.

For example, your establishment requires your guests to undergo a rapid antigen test upon checking in. Your guests should be able to find that information quickly while browsing or booking. If possible, you can also offer a deal. Because the pandemic is causing more anxieties, you’ll have to put your customers at ease and manage their pandemic expectations.

Keeping Up with the Housekeeping Tasks

It’s also essential that your housekeeping team follows the new protocols before checking if you equipped them with the tools needed to maximize productivity. Using an innovative, mobile housekeeping report will allow them to check maintenance issues and update room status in real-time as they work. It eventually increases efficiency and improves internal communication to ensure no missed schedules.

Most guests might not complain about your hotel’s cleanliness in your face, but they’ll indeed talk about it on online reviews. Negative reviews and comments can be your best chance to improve. Instead of getting angry at customers who left negative comments, you’ll have to thank them for being honest and think about ways to improve.

Targeting the Right Customer and People

One American Hotel and Lodging Association report on the industry’s current state shows that nearly two-thirds of hotels are below 50% occupancy. Your audiences have changed due to the pandemic, so you’ll have to update your marketing plans. It should help you look for a new target audience. For example, you’re targeting foreign guests. You can transform the hotel into a cozy place that feels like home.

It’ll also be helpful to learn about the amenities and packages that will catch the eyes of these expanded demographics. You can also attract local professionals working from home. Most might be looking for a change of scenery, meaning you can turn the place into a place with a high-speed internet connection. You can also offer room service, on-demand coffee, and a comfortable in-room workstation.

Fostering a Connection with Other Hotels

It’ll also be a wise move to foster your relationship with the local companies. If you work with them, you’ll use each other’s audience to gain new customers. For instance, you can work with a local distillery to produce your signature scented hand sanitizers. You can place them around the hotel or allow guests to buy them from the front desk. You can also use social media to promote your partnership and offer coupons.

Getting creative is the key. You can also partner with local restaurants to offer special in-room dining. Or a local tour company that can provide booklets for self-guided tours.

Finding Ways to Advertise Extra Features

You’ll be preoccupied with attracting customers. Make sure they’re up-to-date with the deals you’re offering. You can advertise them through digital campaigns, social media ads, and your website to show customers all the means you’re making your place welcoming and safe. Inform them of your implemented health protocols before, during, and after making their reservations with follow-up emails, SMS, or email confirmations.

It’ll also be helpful to build a mobile-friendly and well-optimized website, complete with SEO-audited content. Inform the audience of an update on social media.

Making the Reservation Process Easier

COVID-19 changed hotel bookings because more and more guests need reassurance and direct communication with the owners. That makes it the best time to optimize your website’s booking engine to maximize conversions. You can do that by offering simple, streamlined booking practices.

Your platform should reflect your brand, be mobile-friendly, and secure. You’ll also have to integrate it with your PMS for automated reservation and inventory management.

Offering Flexible Cancellations or Bookings
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Local health protocols are changing daily. Hence, your guests will need assurance that they can cancel their reservations at any time without getting charged. Make sure your booking platform is available 24/7.

You’ll have to brace yourself if you want to place your property in the best position to drive new conversions as the travel demand returns due to eased restrictions.

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