Starting Off Your Companys Rebranding Rollout Plan on the Right Foot

If your company has been around for a while, it may be time to switch things up. Maybe 2024 is the year that you refresh your brand and try a new market. When it comes to a rebranding rollout plan, there’s a lot that you should prepare for. From new logos to new locations and a new story, here are some steps you should take to ensure your branding rollout plan works effectively.

Solidify Your New Identity as a Group

When it comes to a rebranding rollout plan, you must solidify your new identity with visuals and written content. The first step of creating custom logos and other new imagery involves assessing what your business stands for. Have someone redesign your logo and see what works best. You don’t have to decide all the aspects of your identity on your own, as you can work with professional branding designers. It could be something literal or more abstract. Start doing your research with your competitors to see how they use their visual branding.

The color scheme is a part of your branding that you’re using in all your advertising. Maybe your colors have some symbolism or are random based on your design preference. Think about the type of colors that represent your company, service product, theme, and overall purpose. You can let the designer know that you prefer for them to focus on certain colors rather than mean something to your company.

You also must consider what your new brand story will be. These days, most reputable companies have a story they want customers to be familiar with. Your story may be the history of your company and your revisions to check mine treating your product or service. Maybe it’s a family business that started 50 years ago and your rebranding rollout plan is focusing on how you can bring things into the present and future. Maybe you were motivated to create an innovative product in college because your community had any that you knew you could fill. People love hearing the stories behind their favorite companies as it may encourage them to support them, especially if it’s something they can relate to.

During this process, sit down and have several meetings related to your rebranding goals. Having a new rebranding project can be a waste of time if you don’t have a purpose and understand why you’re doing it. Is your product outdated and has caused you to lose sales? Do you have any more innovative products to fill a new need? Has your company had some bad publicity over the years and you want to use your rebranding as a way to recover from that? These are all things to consider as they can affect the type of marketing you’ll be doing and how you represent your company going forward.

Make Your Location Suit Your New Needs

Your rebranding rollout plan goes beyond new products and stories. A new location may be needed to satisfy your needs. After all, if your previous building has hurt your business, you may want to wash your hands of that situation and move to a new neighborhood. A surge in crime or negative associations at your current location may affect business revenue and staff morale. You may need to move on to a new city or state to get a fresh start for the company.

Therefore, it may be time to look into a construction management professional who can build you a building from scratch. After all, commercial leases can be expensive and unpredictable, especially in large cities like NYC. It may be to find the building you want in your ideal location or budget. Even if you find a ready-made building, you may want to customize it in ways that go with your rebranding.

If you find a building that works, turn it into the perfect site with some alterations. Start with glass installations that can protect your business from prying eyes. Hire window tinting services that can prevent people from looking in from outside. It can also reduce the effects of sun glare on computer screens. That way, people can work without their eyes being affected. Plus, the excessive UV rays can fade your new business furniture and carpet, which can reduce its aesthetic appearance.

Don’t just focus on the inside of your building as the outside matters too. Your rebranding rollout plan should be seen from the outside in. Help your professional image with commercial paving services. Commercial pavers ensure you have a beautiful and welcoming walking path that leads to your door. They can smooth out any cracks or potholes in cement or asphalt that affect your curb appeal. You want staff and visitors to park and walk with ease without tripping over cracks, plus unkempt paving makes your business look unprofessional. Cement pavers can elevate your branding image outside by incorporating company colors into the cement itself. They can also add customization with stamping in which they can improve your logo design. Therefore, the minute people step on your pavement, they know whose business they’re at.

Consider Taking It Easy Where You Can

There’s nothing wrong with being a hands-on boss, however, you can overdo things if you’re trying to do everything yourself. When you have the right team around, you should be able to delegate certain things. Otherwise, you can drive yourself crazy, and a rebranding rollout plan won’t be very effective. Now is the time to hire property managers who can take care of your building whether you’re there or not. Property managers can ensure the utilities are paid on time and prevent issues from occurring like leaks and mold. A solid property manager understands how to deal with all the utilities and keep things clean with proper sanitation. Let your property manager run all the aspects of the building itself while you focus on your business service and product.

Commercial cleaning companies are essential for having a safe, clean, and sanitary environment for everyone there. After the COVID-19 pandemic, no company can afford to have illness spread. More people are aware of the germs that can be spread in public places such as jobs. With regular daily and weekly deep cleaning, you can avoid having germs lingering on surfaces. They can clean out your HVAC system to ensure germs aren’t circulating when the heat or cooling system is on. If you have office carpets, they can deep clean those and remove germs and allergens that are in hiding, as they can in many carpet spaces.

If you have a small team, don’t be afraid to expand and do so by hiring an assistant, or several of them. An assistant can help you with small tasks that may take away from your main job. Have them schedule things and work with subcontractors and allow you to focus your energy and brain power on moving your company forward. If the logistics of your company and building don’t allow for too many staff to be on-site, you can always outsource assistance and other jobs. After all, more people than ever are working remotely or in a hybrid position. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem finding someone you can trust to work remotely for you and help your company continue to thrive. Giving yourself such ease can help you repurpose your company and move forward positively as you would want a rebranding rollout plan to do.

Find Local Experts to Freshen Up Your Ads

What good is a rebranding rollout plan without proper advertising? Hire a local creative production team to use their expertise. After all, these creators help people with new branding and rebranding all the time. They understand how to effectively market the type of company you have in the right marketplace. Expect them to either create a new website or revamp your existing one. If you have a static and bland website that no one is using, they can analyze it, see what’s going wrong, and make your website more accessible to customers. That assessability may include better navigation, more images and videos, a separate blog, and better content that speaks to the audience you’re trying to reach.

When it comes to rebranding, you not only need to find your audience, but your audience needs to find you. Luckily, the experts can provide a keyword research service to look for the words most people are searching for. From there, they can create social media posts, articles, and other related content focusing on these popular keywords. As a result, if somebody searches for a word related to your profession, it’ll give your content a better chance of rising in the search results.

At this time, you should also get a new sign for your business. If you change your logo and overall branding, you can incorporate that into your sign. After all, a custom sign is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. According to Statistica, as many as 60% of surveyed clients said they entered the business for the first time because of the sign. By effectively using your sign in your rebranding rollout plan, you may quickly gain new customers off the street. Use neon lights on your sign so it’s always visible at night and from a distance.

If Facebook and websites have been the only way to advertise your business, you may be missing out on a lot of markets. Between TikTok, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, you have several advertising markets and platforms that you can cater to depending on your business. If you’re unsure where to start, your professional marketing team can direct you. After all, they’re likely to handle your social media profiles and website while giving you insight into which platforms work the best for your company rollout and expansion.

Make Sure Your Resources Are Secure

Doing a company rebranding rollout plan isn’t necessarily cheap. After all, you’re spending more money hiring more services like logo creators, marketing team, sign makers and possibly moving to a new building or city. Needless to say, your company budget will take a hit if you’re not careful. At this time, it’s essential to ensure your company’s resources are as secure as possible. Ensuring you have such security means assessing your current revenue. If your revenue is ideal, you may want to see about business loans.

Your bank may be able to supply business loaning. Instead of a bank, you may also want to check your local credit union, as they tend to have more favorable interest rates. If you have a viable commercial property, you may have enough equity to borrow against that. You should also meet with your small business accountant to have a projection of how much you can spend without putting your company in the red. Your accountant and a tax specialist can give you an honest assessment of your finances and future projections.

You should also look into what tax breaks your company can get. Just because April is tax day, doesn’t mean you should start worrying about it until March. As a business, you should be thinking about your taxes all year, as planning can ensure you maximize your business deductions. That’s why it’s essential to work with an accounting and tax professional who can help you save. As a result, you may have more money left over after such rebranding. Your rebranding is a business expense that can count as a deduction in the following year. So incorporate your financial and tax professionals in your rebranding mix.

If you’ve had your business for a while, you may be excited about this change. After all, this may start a new chapter in your company that can keep it moving forward. Running a rebranding rollout plan involves many steps that take time. However, if you plan accordingly and utilize the right services, it can be a success. Use this article as a guide for your rebranding to ensure you get it out on the right foot in 2024.

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