Effective Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Business amid the COVID-19 Crisis


It’s no secret how the eCommerce industry has boomed amid the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, its sales revenue rose from 16 percent in 2019 to 19 percent in 2020. While the eCommerce sector has long been thriving, it has accelerated more due to the pandemic.

Many people have heavily relied on online businesses due to the pandemic restrictions. Consumers have resorted to online shopping and get their items delivered to their houses. There has been an increased demand for eCommerce over brick-and-mortar business.

But as an eCommerce business, you must take advantage of pandemic situations. It doesn’t mean that you must stay lenient and complacent. In fact, you must be aggressive in your digital marketing approach and business transactions to ensure your overall business success.

That said, here’s how to boost your eCommerce business during this pandemic:

1. Update your eCommerce website

As an online store, prioritize your website, as it’s where you do business with your customers. Know that your eCommerce site is equivalent to your physical store. As much as possible, keep it visually appealing and highly functional for your customers. Most importantly, ensure that your site exhibits an excellent user experience (UX).

When it comes to this, updating your eCommerce website is the key. That said, consider hiring professional experts to take your site up a notch.

2. Use SEO for online visibility and site traffic

It’s not enough that you have an eCommerce website. With the saturation of websites, online channels, and digital platforms on the web, it can be difficult for your business to stand out. That is where search engine optimization SEO) comes into the picture for your online visibility and website traffic.

The SEO process involves optimizing your site, creating relevant content, and building links. Through this, you’ll see your web page on the search engine results pages’ top ranking.

3. Implement digital marketing strategies

online marketing strategies

Digital marketing has never been this important, especially during this pandemic. As such, you must implement online marketing strategies to promote your eCommerce business and sell your goods or products. Aside from SEO, here are other digital marketing strategies to employ:

  • Pay-per-click advertising for website traffic
  • Content marketing for branding, product promotion, and customer engagement
  • Email marketing for product promotion
  • Affiliate marketing for product promotion through the help of affiliates
  • Social media marketing for customer engagement

4. Take advantage of social media

Social media has become beneficial in the world of business. Gone are the days when people used these channels for personal interactions. Today, many companies utilize these channels for business purposes. These include branding, promotion, customer engagement, and even business transactions.

While you have an eCommerce website, consider creating social media accounts as well. Whether Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, these channels can help promote your online store and get more and more customers.

5. Set proper bookkeeping and accounting in place

A crucial part of your eCommerce business is maintaining its financial health. As much as possible, you must consistently record, track, monitor, analyze, and report all your business transactions. Doing so will help you assess your financial status and make sound business decisions. That is where bookkeeping and accounting come into the picture.

It’s best to hire managed accounting services so that professional accountants can help regulate the financial health of your eCommerce business. They usually use automated tools to make your bookkeeping and accounting more seamless, efficient, and accurate.

6. Invest in digital tools and technology

As an eCommerce business, you should consider investing in digital tools and technology. They can help streamline your processes and improve your business performance. They can assist in communicating with various stakeholders in your eCommerce business, from suppliers down to consumers. They can help in different stages of your business process, from raw material acquisition to stock inventory and order fulfillment to product delivery.

For your digital transformation and technological advancement, here’s what you might want to consider:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for inventory and logistics
  • Robotics for production
  • 3-D printing for manufacturing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) for customer communication
  • Accounting software for financial management
  • Mobile apps for order requests and fulfillment

At this point, you now know how to boost your eCommerce business during this pandemic. Consider the valuable tips recommended above, from updating your website to having digital transformation. While the eCommerce sector is thriving amid the COVID-19 crisis, you must take advantage of the pandemic situation. Do what it takes to boost your business while catering to the needs of people. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for your business and your consumers amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

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