8 Surprising Causes of Tooth Sensitivity and Solutions Decoded


If you get a tingling sensation or shock-like pain in your teeth, it’s time to look into it. Tooth sensitivity is a brief sensation when you have something hot or cold, as your dentin might be exposed. You will also feel sensitivity when sweets and acidic foods.

The loss of the protective covering that encases the dentin can lead to tooth sensitivity issues. The tooth’s nerves get exposed and react to anything hot or cold. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, so you need not get worried. Moreover, it affects everyone, from men, women, and teenagers to toddlers. Apart from the loss of dentin cover, several other issues may lead to tooth sensitivity. An oral examination can determine the possible causes.

Here are some of the most important causes of tooth sensitivity and possible solutions:

  • Diet – It is one of the foremost reasons for tooth sensitivity. If you eat a lot of hard fruits ad acidic foods, it can cause harm to the dentin cover. Some of the foods you should eat in nominal amounts are juices, citric fruits, and protein shakes. They are too heavy on the teeth and can lead to sensitivity. It would help if you stayed away from such foods and drinks till the issue gets resolved.
  • Brushing Technique – If your brushing standards are not proper, it can also lead to sensitivity. Check your brush to see if it is too hard. If it is, you should consider changing it for something that has soft bristles.
  • Tooth Bleaching – If you ingest a lot of colored sodas and alcohol, you risk getting your pearlies stained. So, you have to ensure to abstain from them. However, if the damage is already done, you need to get a whitening treatment. That is the only option. Tooth sensitivity is one of the very few side-effects of tooth whitening. Therefore, it is always advisable to get your teeth professionally cleaned rather than with OTC products. You can visit the local dentist clinic for all possible solutions for this issue.
  • Tooth Decay – Tooth Decay is another cause of tooth sensitivity that often goes unnoticed. A small cavity in your teeth can get more profound if you do not pay proper attention. It slowly exposes the soft dentin, leading to a feeling of shock. If you get a cavity detected at the clinic, get it filled with a suitable tooth filler to control and arrest the damage then and there.
  • Receding Gums – Gum recession is another prevalent cause of sensitive teeth. When gums recede, the soft dentin tissue inside gets exposed. The dentin consists of many tiny holes and has nerves that reach the interior of the teeth. When you drink cold or hot drinks or eat foods, it can cause stinging pain for the same reason. If your gums recede, you cannot grow them back. However, you can take good oral health care to stop further damage.
  • Eating Disorders – Such disorders can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Bulimia is a condition when people eat a lot of food and then deliberately purge it. The stomach acids come up in such cases and stick to the teeth. It leads to loss of the encasing called enamel. Additionally, the acids also eat into the dentin.
  • Sinus Infection – You must have never imagined that a sinus infection can lead to tooth sensitivity. However, it does. When the sinuses swell, it leads to inflammation and can cause a lot of pressure on your teeth.
  • Stress – It is one of the reasons for tooth sensitivity. When you are stressed, you tend to grind your teeth against one another. In this situation, it leads to damage to your tooth enamel.

Various Treatments Decoded

Various Treatments Decoded

Apart from the specific solutions mentioned above, you have to ensure good oral health from all perspectives. Some people get relief with over-the-counter fluoride pastes and medicines. The toothpaste that we are talking about here has desensitizing elements. They tend to block the discomfort and do not spread to the nerves.

It would help if you chose toothpaste labeled as “for sensitive teeth:” It would help if you also refrained from using alcohol rinses. They can strip off the layers after regular use. All those who suffer from medical issues like Bulimia should seek psychological help. It is the only way out. If you are stressed, you need to engage in activities that make you happy.

If you feel that it is impossible to take care of the issues alone, take a professional into confidence. Discuss the problems and get immediate solutions. Doctors often suggest desensitizing fluorides for home care as well. You can also consider getting a dental sealant. Surgical gum grafts can help your root sensitivity. So, choose the treatment for your specific problems.

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