eCommerce Business: 10 Ways to Reach Your Customers With Disabilities

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Connecting your eCommerce business to people with disabilities is not as easy as it sounds. They may have different needs than those without. For instance, they might require a certain font size to read text or need products in alternative formats like braille or audio recordings.

The difficulties don’t stop there; people who are deaf might want to browse through images instead of text, and those who are blind will likely need an accessible website that has large clickable buttons and functional menus for navigation. Fortunately, there are ways around these problems.

1. Accessibility

The easiest way to start is by making your website accessible. Some laws require websites to be compatible with screen readers, but the best thing you can do is test it yourself or hire an expert web design company specializing in creating accessible websites. This will allow people with disabilities to browse through your store without any problems. Better yet, if they find something they like, they can purchase it online and have it delivered right at their doorstep without having to deal with crowds or parking spaces.

2. Large Type Option

If you’re selling books on your eCommerce store, try uploading books in large print versions as well so customers can choose which one works better. If available, include the audio version of the book so people who are blind can listen to it instead.

3. Audiobooks

Similar to large print books, customers can also purchase audiobook versions of your e-books. They’re in MP3 format, and customers will be able to play them on any device with an MP3 player installed in it, like smartphones, tablets, or computers. Not only do they get all the benefits of reading a standard book, like lower costs and increased portability, but customers with disabilities don’t have to worry about not being able to access information because of their disability, either. They’ll be able to listen no matter what situation they find themselves in.

4. Software for Disability Accessibility

Another way eCommerce businesses can help customers with disabilities is by using tools for reducing communication barriers. For example, they can use computer software for the deaf that will allow them to speak on the computer and have their words appear on screen for all to see.

5. Tactile Buttons

Standard computer buttons work well for sighted people, but if a person has terrible eyesight or none, it might be difficult for them to click on the right one. One way around this is using large tactile buttons so customers can feel their way through your website and purchase items with ease. These buttons are also easy to enlarge, making it easy for everyone to navigate your site easily and quickly.

6. Multipurpose eCommerce Platform

Many multipurpose eCommerce platforms, like Shopify and Magento, offer mobile-responsive themes for free. This is beneficial to businesses trying to reach out to people with disabilities because they can go mobile if their computer breaks or simply prefer using their phone over a computer. Moreover, these programs come with all necessary features (like enhanced security) to help protect customers when making online transactions.

7. Audio Messaging

Another way you can attract people with disabilities is by providing audio messaging around your store’s location; this will act as an audible beacon that means ‘helpful employees are here! Come browse our items!’ Customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind will be able to find their way to you easily. Additionally, customers can call your store and speak directly with an employee for assistance if they’re having trouble finding the items they want.

8. Product Reviews

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People with disabilities will want to know how your items work before purchasing them online; provide written and video reviews describing how each product works and what makes it different from others on the market. Customers who are blind and cannot read about the products they like won’t have a problem knowing exactly what makes each item unique and special because of the videos included in the review.

9. Social Media

Posting pictures on social media websites like Facebook is a great way to reach out to customers with disabilities because it will allow them to gain information about your company easily. For example, if you post pictures of kids using the computer software for the deaf, people who aren’t familiar with computer programming can understand how helpful this type of product will be for their loved ones.

10. Customer Service

One way your eCommerce business can attract more customers is by making sure that all employees know how to communicate with people who have different types of disabilities effectively. This means they need to show patience when speaking and make sure they’re always able to answer questions; moreover, this extra effort will go a long way in creating loyal customers who are willing to come back for years without question.

There are many ways your eCommerce business can attract customers with disabilities. By using computer software for the deaf, tactile buttons, audio messaging, and more, you’ll be able to keep these extra consumers satisfied with their shopping experience every single time they visit your online store.

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