Shifting Trends in Marketing: The Digital Takeover of Marketing

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The whole world is going digital. This might be something you might have noticed during the turn of the decade. So many social interactions are done in the digital world, alongside countless business transactions. So it’s no wonder that marketing is leveraging this growth and finding new strategies to exploit this change in the world.

Digital marketing is taking over marketing as a whole. Experts believe that near into the future, marketing will be purely digital. With new robust strategies taking over marketing, it seems that this belief is taking form. One recent marketing taking advantage of current technology is VR and AR tech.

VR and AR Marketing

Virtual and augmented reality has found its foundation in the gaming industry. Millions of players believe that it’s going to be the platform for gaming in the future, and despite its various pitfalls this year, it’s still getting billions in investments.

What makes VR and AR marketing so attractive to marketers is connecting consumer experience and action. Many marketing strategies have been trying to do this for years, and no other strategy comes close to VR and AR marketing. Moreover, this form of marketing is immersive, putting many consumers in awe of what it can do.

The main problem with VR and AR marketing strategies is expensive. It costs around $20,000 to set up a campaign, and that’s only for limited audiences. Those who want to have an effective campaign and one that can accommodate countless people will have to spend upwards of $100,000.

Experts in the sector believe that this kind of marketing will decrease in the coming years as more research is poured into the platform. However, this will still take some time. Thankfully, other alternatives work as effectively, but half the cost—one of these digital marketing strategies currently in trend is game adverts.


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There are about 200 million gamers in the US, with the majority of the gaming at least one hour every day. This used to be an untapped demographic, but with the growth of game-adverts such as Wendy’s “Keeping Fortnite Fresh” campaign, this demographic is becoming contested ground among marketers.

Game-adverts are becoming an effective form of marketing, especially among the youth. It’s able to captivate them and get their attention better than any marketing strategy out there. Moreover, it’s a bit cheaper than VR and AR marketing. If a company is partnered with a game or a publisher, it can run game adverts at any time.

Wendy’s 2019 game advert, “Keeping Fortnite Fresh,” was considered a massive success. It gained awards in the marketing world, alongside millions of mentions and social media. During the campaign, the brand was the most mentioned tagline in the US.

However, this digital marketing campaign is still quite expensive. So smaller businesses have to resort to much cheaper options, but more affordable doesn’t necessarily mean ineffective, especially when you’re controlling what comes out in people’s search engines.


Search engine optimization is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and has stood the test of time. Currently, it’s still the best digital marketing for small and medium businesses. However, it has also shown significant successes in companies with thousands of employees like Colgate.

It seems that every marketing campaign always has SEO running alongside it. Many companies specializing in SEO are also willing to oblige, at affordable rates, making it an attractive choice among many marketers. Running an SEO campaign alongside your marketing strategies will ensure that it’s robust and helps you convert leads. One great digital marketing strategy that makes SEO even more compelling is social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

When social media marketing runs in conjunction with SEO, it becomes a powerhouse of a marketing campaign. It’s ever to garner leads more than other marketing strategies out there, at a fraction of the price. Moreover, social media marketing is flexible enough to support SEO and other marketing strategies. This is why it’s part of digital trends in marketing every year. So it’s always good to keep an eye out on the ever-changing trends in social media marketing.

With these expansive sets of options in today’s digital marketing, it seems that traditional marketing options are no longer viable. There is a shed of truth in this statement, considering that traditional marketing is still far expensive than the ones we’ve indicated above. But traditional marketing is nowhere near becoming obsolete.

Huge companies still rely on traditional marketing options to grow and consolidate their brand. It will take a lot more than the digital trends above to take down some of the oldest traditional marketing strategies out there.

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